Challenges for the European Reseach Area in Transport (“ERA-T”)

Our shared transport system is part of the problem and at the same time part of the solution for all pressing societal and political challenges addressed by the European Union. These challenges include climate change, energy, water and food, public health, ageing societies and globalisation. With regard to transport issues, the European Union shall:

  • Reduce the climate, air quality and noise impacts of transport,
  • Make transport infrastructure and transport systems more resilient to a changing climate,
  • Reduce energy consumption in the transport system and increase the security of supply,
  • Reduce transport system impacts on ground water supplies,
  • Consider transport in land-use planning,
  • Increase the effectiveness of transport necessary for food production (including in developing countries) and improve transport logistics to reduce food waste,
  • Raise the standards of public health by increasing access to health facilities (including developing countries), increasing the resilience of the transport system in pandemics and improving safety and security, reducing traffic accidents fatalities and injuries,
  • Adapt transport and mobility systems for an ageing population,
  • Shape and maintain a transport system that reflects the needs of developing globalisation and help European transport system stakeholders to adapt accordingly.
Research, technological development and innovation is one of the pillars for the solution of these challenges. The European Research Area in Transport (ERA-T) provides the comprehensive set of tools to successfully integrate scientific solutions and deploy innovative technological concepts in the European transport system. ETRA wishes to be a visible contributor to this endeavor. In particular, it believes that those challenges shall be addressed and debated by the Scientific Community within the Transport Research Arena (TRA) conference.