ETRA Objectives

The main objective of ETRA is to provide a platform for the main transport research associations to work together and thus contribute to developing the ERA-T.
ETRA focuses on two main objectives:
  1. Being an open platform of communication and cooperation among its partners to facilitate synergy in the following activities:
a) Sharing strategic agendas
b) Sharing position papers and possibly supporting each other’s ones papers, including joint development of common statements, when possible and relevant
c) Organising common activities (e.g. Young Researcher Seminar)
d) Inviting partners to join each other activities (e.g. FEHRL Scanning Tour…)
e) Sharing general information of relevance to the partners
f) Arranging possible common promotional activities (e.g. sharing a common stand between interested partners)

2. Supporting the TRA conference

a) Supporting the TRA strategy (Participating in and contributing to the Management Committee (MC))
b) Raising the TRA scientific quality
• Promoting the call for papers
• Participating and contributing to the Programme Committee (PC)
• Reviewing papers and supporting the publication of papers
c) Sustaining the organisation of TRA by providing the TRA Secretariat (assuming external funds are available)
• Keeping the record and archive of documents
• Supporting the day-to-day business
• Contributing to outreach activities
• Attending the Organising Committee (OC)


Such objective will be achieved in close collaboration with the Conference host and the other TRA supporting organisations, such as the European Commission, the 6 European Technology Platforms (ETPs), and the European Conference of Road Directors (CEDR).
If relevant, other objectives can be pursued and added assuming that a unanimous decision is reached by all ETRA Partners.